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Soldiers Speak Up on Ft. Hood

HE SAID, “ALLAHU AKBAR.” THE ATTACK ON FT. HOOD This video presents a series of first-person accounts by the victims and the families of the soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas. In short, Major Hassan Was a Walking Time Bomb. America was the victim of political correctness. “US authorities say the accused gunman at Ft. Hood, Major Nidal Hhusaan killed American…

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How Romney can KO Obama in Monday Debate

The final 2012 presidential debate is scheduled for this coming Monday evening and the subject will be Foreign Policy. This is an area where the Obama Administration has failed more miserably than even their domestic and economic disaster. The Obama campaign is on the verge of free-fall. The latest Gallup poll shows Romney up 52%-45% over Obama, gaining another point…

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