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CALL TO HONOR FOR SENATOR TED CRUZ   December 18, 2013   Honorable Senator Ted Cruz Dirksen Senate Office Bldg. Suite 185 Washington, DC 20510 (Cc’d all State Offices) RE: Your date with Honor   Dear Senator Cruz, Seldom do we have an appointment with destiny wherein our actions will make history as being either righteous or self-serving. Seldom, if ever, are we presented with an opportunity…

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Betrayed Book Cover

Garth Kant: ‘American warrior blood is pooling in Oval Office’

Is Obama bigger threat to U.S. military than even Taliban? Published on December 8, 2013 Revenge for Osama bin Laden Thirty-year-old Special Operations Chief Aaron Vaughn was one of 30 U.S. special forces soldiers among those killed on Aug. 6, 2011, when a Chinook chopper was shot down by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan. SEAL Team VI had killed…

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A Proud History of The United States Patriots Union

On September 17, 2010… a small group of American citizens, retired military officers, business owners, law professionals and Christian Conservative activists came together to unite in common tangible strategic actions carefully designed to move our country in a Constitutional direction, working from every governmental level and multiple fronts. The United States Patriots Union (USPU) grew from a failed effort by…

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