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HOUSE REPS MUST IMPEACH… OR ELSE, WHAT?   Unlike the Nixon Impeachment resulting in the Nixon resignation, which was based on partisan political office snooping and the cover up, as if the two parties don’t run opposition research and intel gathering against each other every day, or the Clinton Impeachment, which was based upon extramarital affairs, as if D.C. politicians…

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The Case For Impeachment, a video by The North American Law Center, NALC.

A Legal Case For Impeachment

DOWNLOAD: IMPEACHMENT RULES AND PROCEDURES [August 2015] Download this file, in PDF format, which explains the rules and procedures for impeachment.  A LEGAL CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT [July 2015] History and simple recognition of today’s events inform us that we must impeach President Obama, today, or risk losing the rule of law that defined and built the America most of us…

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