Republican Party Resolutions Supporting Impeachment

In July of 2014, The North American Law Center released a proposed set of Articles of Impeachment against current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama. Since 2010, numerous members of Congress and the public have discussed Impeachment, affirming in all cases that Barack Hussein Obama has indeed committed numerous “high crimes and misdemeanors” justifying Impeachment, some of them rising to the level of Treason.

Although these members of Congress have spoken of Impeachment for years now, none have taken any steps to initiate the Impeachment Process which must begin in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. It must happen while Republican also control the U.S. Senate.

As a result, the future of Constitutional Law, national sovereignty and security is left in the hands of “the people.” Members of Congress are not the only “elected representatives of the people.” Every person who holds a precinct, county, district, state or national seat within the Republican Party is also a voluntary elected representative of “the people.” These positions all come with certain inherent moral, ethical and even legal obligations on the part of the representative.

The case for Republican Party Resolutions in support of Articles of Impeachment are as follows, all of which should be read in concert with the TNALC Articles of Impeachment…

  1. What Supreme Law of the Land?

Though many speak of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with an air of reverence, few seem to grasp the reality that we only have the Rights we are willing to fight for, the Constitutional protections we are willing to enforce. No law is a law unless there is enforcement of that law.

  1. Acts of Treason

Treason is defined in the law as the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. As the Constitution created and guaranteed all states of the union a “Republican form of government,” with three co-equal branches, the Obama Administrations overt effort to “fundamentally transform America” into something quite the opposite is an act of treason. Evidence of additional specific acts of treason, treachery and tyranny are chronicled in the TNALC Articles of Impeachment.

  1. The Article II Remedy

When our nation finds itself with an enemy within, operating from the office of Commander-in-Chief, the U.S. Constitution provides the peaceful remedy in the same section Article II, which provides for the office itself. Section IV reads – “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Impeachment is the Constitutional solution. Concepts foreign to the U.S. Constitution, such as suit, censure, arrest, or no confidence votes in from Congress, are not solutions at all.

  1. Perpetual Election Cycles

Some have suggested that Impeachment would be detrimental to any election effort, a convenient excuse now that our country is in perpetual electioneering mode, the next election cycle beginning the minute the last one ended. But it is our well-informed opinion, proven by the current distrust and disgust among GOP voters towards all RNC politicians today, Impeachment may in fact be the only thing the Republican Party can do today to regain any trust with their otherwise frustrated voters, an increasing number of whom have shifted to Independent status in dismay.

  1. The Timing Issue

Today is the best day to Impeach, because since Republicans were entrusted with control of the House in 2010, they have lacked the decency, honor and courage to Impeach before today, and tomorrow is not soon enough. Every minute that passes, the Obama Administration is destroying every foundation we have at breakneck speed. Today is the only day we have to do something real and Constitutional about it.

  1. Is there Time?

It does not matter when the Impeachment process ends. It only matters when that process begins. Obama cannot be impeached once he leaves office. If he is allowed to leave office by any means other than impeachment, his “fundamental transformation” of America will stand. Only by proper impeachment can the damage he has done be reversed.

  1. The Republican Resolution

Because Congressional Republicans have cowered and run from their oaths since 2010, it is up to “the people” including representatives of the people in the Republican Party, to provide adequate motivations for Congressional Republicans to do what they should have already done on their own. Every local, county, district and state Republican Committee must act via the Impeachment Resolution to demonstrate to Congressional Republicans that we are ALL responsible for the defense of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law…

A country in which treason from within is no longer an impeachable offense, is a country not worthy of existence. The future of the Republican Party and the United States of America is in your hands!

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